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Since our installation, nWe want to share our love of the profession and our vision of agriculture. So we decided to open our farm and make people discover our passion.

Sponsorship of a doe

    Every year we propose to sponsor a goat, in order to give the possibility to all those who wishto be involved in our operations and thus create a privileged link with our customers. Indeed, we raise our goats for a year before their first lactation and the rearing costs mainly occur in the first months of the year with the purchase of milk, at a time when the farm has the least cash because there is no processing activity in January February.

               The principle of sponsorship:

Sponsorship takes place from January to the end of March, the person whowishparticipating in it pays a sum (defined by itself) during this period(for us cash advance necessary for the proper functioning of the operation)and receives in return a voucher valid from April (or one month after the date of sponsorship) to the end of December of the year on farm products, of the value of the sum paid+ 10%(example for a sponsorship of 100 € you receive a voucher of 110 €) (for you a more interesting return on your investment than at the bank!). You will also receive a certificate of sponsorship and can come and see your doe grow as often as you wish. 

Visits to the farm

Free visit, every evening from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. You will witness the milking and can even participate.


Guided tour for groups of at least 10 people by appointment: approximately 1h30 with cheese tasting (€5 for adults, €2 for children)

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