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Our lactic goat cheeses
Fresh, semi-fresh, semi-dry or dry; plain, ashy or flavoured, in the form ofheart, pyramid log or dung, with honey or saffron, we offer more than forty different cheeses to enhance your cheese platter and amaze your taste buds.
une large gamme de fromages de chèvres et de yaourts
Our Tomme of goat cheese
When young, it will be marvelously melted on your hash browns Truffade style.
Refined, it will complete withhappiness  your cheese platter.



Our Talibot
  Cheese de goatpressed paste resembling reblochon!



la tomme
le Talibot
Nos faisselles
Fresh cheeses molded directly in its strainer and potted and refrigerated the same day to preserve its freshness. Delicious with herbs or a sweet accompaniment, honey jelly jam, saffron syrup, or simply plain. They can be kept for 3 weeks after molding. We present it in a 500 g jar or in a tray of 6 strainers of 100 g. 


Our specialties
Parmesan-style goat cheese "Rapé", to accompany
salad, red beets, vegetables or pasta with sauce...
Presented in a 200 g sachet.
The apérichèvres: small caps for the natural or flavored aperitif advantageously replace the "chips"
Le tartichèvre; beaten and flavored fresh goat cheese to spread or to  dilute in a cream sauce
Bricks with  melting goat cheese plain or with Aube honey or  candied onions in balsamic vinegar (produced at the farm) to put in the oven and to enjoy with a salad
For the production of our yogurts, we only use the milk of our goats and lactic ferments (no milk powder). They are naturally sweet and particularly digestible.
Our range is made up of natural yoghurt, on a bed of organic fruit preparation (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, orchard fruits, peaches, pears...) 
nos yaourts natures ou sur lit de fruit

Goat milk cold soaps

Out of a taste for natural products, this year we will be offering a range of surgras soaps made from the milk of our goats (minimum 20% of the oils) and made on the farm using the cold saponification method. The cell structure of goat's milk is exceptionally fine. More easily absorbed by the skin, it promotes deep hydration. Can be used by the whole family and for all skin types.
notre gamme de savons au lait de chèvre
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