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Saffron Threads

We  offer you a Vintage Saffron, Grown

 naturally whose quality guaranteed by the purity of

pistils de safran. 

  Sale in 0.1 g ; 0.2g and 0.5g

(possibility of larger containers on request)


- Infuse  le  saffron, about 12 hours at room temperature, before preparing the dish, in a small amount of hot water.   To know
- A pistil of saffron is composed of 3 filaments (1 g= 180 pistils)
- Saffron  is a flavor enhancer and improves over time.
-  It sublimates both savory and sweet dishes and gives your dishes a sunny color.  


Conservation;  3 to 4 years in its airtight container and away from light.
Our packaging will allow you to keep it in the best conditions.

   Use :      Plats sucrés: 1 pistil/ personne ou 8 à 15 pistils/litre de lait   

 Plats salés: 2 pistils/personne   

Paëllas: 3 pistils/ personne         

Sauces: 1 à 2 pistils/ personne         

rice  5 pistils for 250 g


Avoid the use of wooden utensils for cooking, these would absorb the precious aromas and pigments.    Attention, le safran ne supporte ni l'ébullition prolongée à plus de 80°, ni the oven at more than 190°, nor frying.

nos pistils de safran

Saffron Syrup 

    This syrup is made on the farm from our saffron and organic blond sugar from water and nothing else!

A thousand and one uses of Syrup: In a cocktail with rum or in a kir with a dry white wine. In baking, replacing vanilla sugar. For the preparation of desserts. As a topping to spice up a fruit pie just out of the oven, pancakes, crepes or waffles. As a coulis, on ice cream and sorbets, fresh cheese and yogurts. With goat cheese, it's a real delight! On the salty side, it will wonderfully deglaze a duck breast or foie gras.


le sirop de safran

Cider vinegar au Safran

This cider vinegar was produced by Héritage 1900 in Palis in Aube. Natural vinegar, slightly aggressive in taste. Saffron reduces the acidity of vinegar, this marriage will give a little pep to your seasonings and when deglazing your meats and various preparations. 
le vinaigre de cidre au safran
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