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Our natural care products

shaving of soap
This guaranteed 100% pure organic olive oil soap comes in the form of shavings for ease of use. It will be the basis of your homemade cleaning products.
copeaux de savon à l'huile d'olive
Scouring powder
This natural scouring powder made from ashes, baking soda and white clay helps clean dirty surfaces (fireplace glass, oven, gas stove, saucepan, etc.)
la poudre à récurer naturelle
toilet cleaning gel
This natural toilet gel based on household vinegar and Listea Cubeba and Thea Tree essential oils has cleaning, descaling and disinfecting properties. This product will leave your toilet clean and pleasantly scented. 
produit wc naturel
Multi-purpose cleaner
This natural multi-purpose ash and vinegar cleaner has descaling and degreasing properties. Indispensable for all surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. Fresh sage helps to limitnaturally the smell  vinegar.
produit multi-usage naturel
Stain remover soap - Dishwasher soap
No goat milk in this 2 in 1 soap but still 100% natural ingredients based on Aube beef fat, coconut oil and essential oils of lavender and rosemary. Very effective on stains before washing, it also advantageously replaces your dishwashing product.
produit vaisselle solide et détachant
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