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Our cold saponified soaps made from goat's milk

This saponification technique guarantees the richness of the soap in glycerin, recognized for its moisturizing and emollient properties, unlike industrial soaps deemed to be drying.

Why goat's milk? less known than donkey's milk, it is no less recognized for its emollient, softening, anti-septic properties Rich in fatty acids, known for its moisturizing and rebalancing action, this milk is ideal for soothing, purifying and preserving the skin.

Our range has been designed to meet the needs of all the family
all soaps are enriched with 20% milk from our goats
For sensitive or fragile skin
Without essential oils, these two soaps are particularly suitable for the most fragile or atopic skin.
Le Tout Olive pour toute la famille
Le Tout Api pour les peaux les plus fragiles
The most specific face
Le Tout en perfection pour les peaux grasses ou à imperfections
Oils   and clays are chosen with care to adapt to the needs of each type of skin, oily skin and imperfections, combination skin or mature skin.
le Tout en équilibre pour les peaux normales ou mixtes
Le Tout en Beauté pour les peaux mâtures, ternes ou fatiguées
Body and hair suits
Moment of care and relaxation for its shampoo/shower, hair and body soaps, dry to very dry, normal to dry or oily
le Tout en douceur pour les peaux sèches à très sèches
le Tout en Un pour les peaux normales à sèches
le Tout en légerté pour les cheveux gras
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